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Karen Koseck


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Karen Koseck is the Executive Director Creative Junk Therapy.  Karen is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. The desire to pursue her passion for art has evolved to teaching and providing resources for others.  

After 30+ years working in corporate finance she has embraced her passion for art and creativity by creating a Non-profit startup creative reuse center in Brandon FL. She started Creative Junk Therapy as a community resource to explore creativity in all forms and find and share innovative ways to create and inspire.  

Lori CJT.png

Lori McDaniel

Acrylic and resin artist

Lori McDaniel is an acrylic and resin
artist and is always evolving and

experimenting in new looks and techniques. She loves finding innovative ways to create and loves exploring different mediums to inspire others.

Jen and Davette.jpg

Davette Glover / Jen Simmons

Photography and Fine Art

Davette and Jen are a married couple team that creates Art under their label Simmons Art and Photography. They both are originally from the Northeast and found their way to Creative Junk Therapy about a year and a half ago.  Davette has Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz and Master of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. Davette is the Culture Coordinator at Creative Junk Therapy. Davette and Jen's Art primarily addresses Juxtaposition and the passage of time.

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Annie CJT.png

Annie Ziebell

Multi Design Artist

Annie Ziebell is a multi-talented design artist that can utilize any object, shape or material by experimenting and developing layers or grouping items  to achieve the desired outcome.

CJT Roxanna.png

Roxanne Tobaison


Roxanne Tobaison is a Watercolorist. Her paintings are executed in a realistic style with favorite subjects being the local historical landmarks, natural scenes, birdlife and the tropical plants of my beloved Florida. She said she loves the way the paint flows over the paper and the transparent glow to the colors. Roxanne has been exhibiting in the outdoor festivals for over 28 years and has online shops where she sells and continues to do watercolor workshops.

Michele CJT.png

Michele Young

Colored Pencil Artist

Michele Young is a colored pencil artist with and extraordinary talent for realism. She has mastered the art of conveying texture and feeling of the objects in her pieces. Many hours and layers give her images depth and dimension that reflects the passion for her work.

Martha CJT.png

Martha Steakley

Craft mixed media artist 

Martha Steakley is a crafter and mixed
media artist. Utilizing found objects with a variety of shapes, textures and colors,
Martha strives for her pieces to reflect her nature and evoke emotion, memories or nostalgia.

Floundries CJT.png

Foundries FL

Mixed Media

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Janelle and Jenna are a mother and daughter team focused on making items from previously used or discarded materials with an eye to reducing waste and creating something useful. This results in many one-of-a-kind  tems and frequently changing stock as determined by the treasures found  and the whims of the creators.

Rck Ward.jpg

Rick Ward


Rick Ward has been a local wood tuner for about 9 years and is a member of Brandon woodworkers club.  He started turning pens and has made almost 2000 of various styles . Many of the wood he uses are salvaged from local discarded trees including some from hurricane Ian.  Keeping in the spirit of reuse, this keeping hundreds of pounds of wood from our landfills.               

Shellman CJT.png

Carol Shelleman

Mosaic Artist

Carol Shelleman is a mosaic artist using new and salvaged materials. She incorporates upcycling and reuse in her work, utilizing cups, dishes, beads and other materials for her work. Each hand-crafted item is from many hours of carefully selecting just the right items to create a harmonious look.

Carrie CJT.png

Kathy Carrier

Paper Mache artist / painter 

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Kathy Carrier is a painter and paper Mache artist who is continually pushing boundaries in combining paint with 3-dimensional elements including fiber, plastic, foam and cardboard with paper Mache. Her works are  primarily mixed media include recycled materials in all her pieces to every creation is unique.


Lois Miller

Mixed Media Collage Artist

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Lois Miller is a mixed media collage artist. Using a variety of paper materials, cardboard, old documents, paint and glue techniques to create a visualrepresentation of thoughts and feelings to convey emotions. As a child she found using words and images as an outlet for feelings, which evolved into design in college. By using words shapes and unique materials her work represents a
deeper meaning.

Mary CJT.png

Mary Hoffmeister

Mixed Media Resin and Glass Mixed

Mary Hoffmeister is a multimedia artist inspired by creations from her husband Tim Hoffmeister’s sculpted glass work. Her pieces are a combination of found objects and Tim’s glass sculptures with upcycled materials and embody their connection.

Tess ewing CJT.png

Tess Ewing

Steampunk artist 

Tess Ewing works are derived from a multitude of found objects, unique materials and paint techniques to create dimensional layers and textures for steampunk feel. She creates one of a kind commissioned artwork for clients nationwide. It brings Tess joy to create something special for each customer.

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